1. Mueller has made it clear he has no desire to appear before Congress.
  2. The price of gas should not be included in the memorandum as a key condition, the official believes.
  3. Washington is sending troops to Saudi Arabia.
  4. However, U.S. military aid to Ukraine has been strategically, and even tactically, inconsequential, the report suggests.
  5. Some 44.2% of Ukrainian citizens cast their votes for the Servant of the People.
  6. The highest voter turnout is recorded in Poltava, Lviv, Ternopil, and Chernihiv regions.
  7. The data cover deputies who will enter the parliament on party lists.
  8. On this day five years ago, the settlements were freed from Russian occupation forces.
  9. This time, she won the World Fencing Championship held in Budapest, beating Russia's Sofia Velikaya (15:14) in a hard-fought individual final
  10. The Servant of the People is in the firm lead.