1. Switzerland was and still is an important trading partner and one of the largest investors in the Ukrainian economy.
  2. The Ukrainian leader says he sees Ukraine's future belongs to the EU.
  3. This was discussed by Ukraine's Deputy Foreign Minister with the French Ambassador to Ukraine.
  4. Financial analyst at ICU Mykhailo Demkiv says the ministry will place 10-year bonds worth EUR 1.25 billion at 4.375% per annum.
  5. The Kremlin says the meeting was initiated by the Ukrainian side.
  6. Deaths from China's new virus rose to 17 on Wednesday with more than 540 cases confirmed.
  7. He says the situation in Ukraine is one of the examples demonstrating that the current architecture of the world is vulnerable.
  8. The State Statistics Service says its report doesn't include data from the Russia-occupied territories.
  9. According to Iranian Road Minister Mohammad Eslami, the black box is an inseparable item of the incident.
  10. The State Duma on January 23 is set to consider constitutional amendments put forward by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The draft of what the Kremlin chief believes are necessary constitutional changes...