News Agency UNIAN
  1. Special focus is on the littoral areas, as well as the de-facto border with the temporarily occupied Crimea.
  2. The carrier has hopped on the "flights to nowhere" trend.
  3. The idea was put forward by Deputy Prime Minister, Interior Minister and Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Jan Hamáček
  4. Taran says Russia has been turning Crimea into a powerful military outpost.
  5. The defense giant has developed and sent to the participating enterprises an action plan aimed at strengthening the country's defense capability.
  6. Analysis shows the rhetoric pursued by Russia's mainstream media on Ukraine has changed dramatically.
  7. Iskander-M short range ballistic missile systems have already been deployed.
  8. The OSCE Permanent Council convened in Vienna to discuss Russia's large-scale military activities near the Ukrainian border.
  9. The official has been appointed for a five-year period.
  10. The government has already approved the appropriate procedure to use the funds.