1. The incidents signaled a further escalation of the conflict despite urgent appeals from the international community.
  2. The court must decide whether a Ukrainian citizen has the right to freely dispose of land.
  3. He is on treatment at home now.
  4. Kuleba stressed the importance of consolidating international efforts to ensure the rights of victims of terrorism and provide them with adequate support, assistance and rehabilitation.
  5. The facility is subject to U.S. sanctions after Russia occupied the peninsula.
  6. The Ukrainian leader says geopolitical support is important to Ukraine.
  7. The president reminded the next EU-Ukraine Summit is expected to be held in a week, and expressed hope it would be successful.
  8. The report has counted 1,199 buildings above 35 meters (12 floors) in the capital city.
  9. Law enforcers have pressed charges against the suspect.
  10. Foreign nationals may cross in only if they have valid health insurance.