1. Since year-start, net reserves have grown by 1.6%.
  2. The State Emergency Service of Ukraine earlier reported that background radiation levels continue to be within the normal range around Kyiv.
  3. Ukraine's energy watchdog earlier canceled biddings on distributing interstate intersection capacities with Russia and Belarus for 2020.
  4. Some 16,000 amendments have been submitted to the bill on banking regulation, an absolute record for Ukraine.
  5. Bakanov is convinced that the extension of the ban on Odnoklassniki and VKontakte will help protect Ukrainians from fake news and manipulation.
  6. Criminal proceedings in question are related to the events of the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine of 2014.
  7. Ukraine should raise this issue at the diplomatic level, one of the legislator suggests.
  8. An 8.5% decline in the GDP for a poor country, which must show growth at 5% to tackle poverty, is an enormous shock.
  9. Pavel and the Moscow Patriarchate said last month that coronavirus was a result of human sin and could be fought with hugs, prayers and fasting.
  10. The assistance is provided as additional funding under the project, titled "The Social Assistance System Modernization Project."